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angela e francescabruno e flavio

Welcome to Cantina Bonfiglio!

Welcome to our rows, welcome to our barrels, welcome to our home!
We are Angela and Bruno, and we open the doors of Cantina Bonfiglio, historical winery of the territory of Valsamoggia, country land and vineyards, sun and perfumes, good food and views.
We live here, we work here, we have raised our children here: and today we are very happy to receive you too, right here!
Look around: do you know how many years of history and how many stories have these walls and these rows heard?
In these first months of 2018 we decided to renovate the cellar premises, to welcome all the new groups of tourists, enthusiasts and wine lovers who want to write this new piece of history with us.

Thanks for being here!

Angela, Bruno, Flavio, Francesca
Baraldi Azolini Family

Our wine has received many awards over the years.